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In The Studio - Web Clip #7

Depeche Mode - In The Studio - Web Clip #7

Dave a gravar vocais para "Jezebel".

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"This is going to be a massive release"

A EMI alemã fez um comentário no Twitter sobre “Sounds Of The Universe”:

We have just finished the listening session for the new Depeche Mode album. Wow! This is going to be a massive release.


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Sounds Of The Universe tracklist

A tracklist de "Sounds Of The Universe" foi hoje anunciada no site oficial. Para além das 10 faixas conhecidas são agora reveladas Little Soul, Spacewalker e Perfect. O álbum terá assim 13 faixas.

Também é revelada a data de edição de "Wrong". Estará à venda a 6 de Abril.

'Sounds Of The Universe' Track Listing

1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

Entrevista com Dave e Anton

[brightcove vid=9201199001&exp3=1909243188&surl=]

Dave Gahan e Anton Corbijn falam da expressão visual da banda. No minuto 3:10 vê-se uma imagem de uma impressionante passarela (catwalk), será para a Tour Of The Universe?

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Promoção de Sounds Of The Universe

Segundo os rumores, o primeiro período de promoção de Sounds Of The Universe inicia-se a 16 de Fevereiro e prolonga-se durante 3 semanas. A ser verdade o primeiro single "Wrong" vai-se ouvir por completo na terceira semana de Fevereiro no Echo Awards.


16.2. Print media promoção, Reino Unido
17.2. Print media promoção, Reino Unido
18.2. Promoção Internacional, Londres
19.2. Promoção Internacional, Londres
20.2. voo Londres - Berlim
21.2. Echo Awards (performance competo de "Wrong" em playback )
22.2. Promoção Alemanha, Berlim
23.2. Promoção Alemanha, Berlim / partida para Milão
24.2. Descanso
25.2. Promoção Italia, Milão
26.2. voo de Milão para Londres
27.2. Promoção para as televisões e rádios Britanicas
28.2. Descanso


1.3. Eurostar Paris
2.3. Promoção França, Paris
3.3. Promoção França, Paris
4.3. Promoção Internacional, Paris
5.3. Promoção Internacional, Paris
6.3. Promoção Scandinava, Paris
7.3. voo para casa

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The wrong tendencies

I was born with the wrong sign
in the wrong house
i took the wrong road
that lead to
the wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place
at the wrong time ...


Mais detalhes sobre Sounds Of The Universe

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Entrevista com Fletch

Entrevista com Fletch

Há uma semana a trás, Fletch foi entrevistado pelo webmaster do sítio oficial dos DM (Daniel Barassi), e falaram do novo álbum, da tournée e da fixação de Martin em compras no eBay.

Entre outras coisas, Fletch refere que o álbum terá guitarras, mas é mais electrónico do que "Playing The Angel"; refere também que Martin foi mais prolífico na escrita para Sounds Of The Universe do que nos anteriores álbuns; neste momento estão a planear o tour, escolhendo o setlist.

Interview with Fletch

Question (Daniel Barassi): Ben Hillier is the producer of the new record. What's it's like having Ben back producing this new record, and what do you feel he and his crew bring to a Depeche Mode project?

Answer (Fletch): We were very pleased with Ben on the last album. Normally, Depeche Mode don't use the same guy twice. Maybe that's because the same guy doesn't want to work with us twice (laugh). Ben's been more tyrant-like on this album. We've recorded a lot more songs than usual, so there was a lot more work to be done. He was really on the case.

Q: In some of the studio video clips, one of Ben's crew is playing a lot of guitar with Martin. Can you tell us more?

A: His name is Luke Smith. On the last album we had Dave McCracken. Luke is doing the same role on this album, basically acting as an extra musician. To be honest, the atmosphere is generally very very good. It was quite smooth. It was even good fun, and we're very pleased with what we've produced. I think we've produced something that is very good.

Q: Was there any particular sound the band was aiming for, going into the studio?

A: There never normally is when we go into the studio. Obviously, we had Martin's demos, but I think one of the driving forces, inspirationally, was Martin's obsession with eBay and analog synthesizers.

Q: I wanted to ask about that, actually. Ben was doing that during "Playing The Angel", right?

A: Yeah, well Martin's got a new obsession I suppose, and he chose analog synthesizers and guitar pedals. Every couple of days, a package would arrive. We'd get the item out, and see what it sounded like. That was quite an inspiration. Generally, I think it's more of an electronic album. There is guitar on it, of course, but much more electronic than "Playing The Angel".

Q: Do you feel with all the new toys in the studio, that it helped or hurt the process of recording? Was there a fear of over-production, or was the new equipment helpful?

A: It was very inspirational, just getting something to arrive that you've heard is good, and then trying it out. You've got a particular sound you like, and we'd say "let's try this thing". There was literally boxes showing up every day.

Q: Obviously some of this vintage equipment was very old. Did all of it actually work?

A: No, they were all in very good condition.

Q: Dave brought some songs to this new album, as he did on "Playing The Angel". What's it like having two songwriters in the band now, and do you feel this adds strength to the project?

A: Well, we did have two songwriters before in the band...

Q: Yes (Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder), but I mean now, in the current lineup.

A: The truth of the matter is I think generally Dave writing songs has really glued him a bit more to the group, and he's so much more confident and fulfilled. It's one of the main reasons the band is really gelling together. Dave's songwriting is improving all the time. You know, it's sometimes hard to actually distinguish between Dave's songs and Martin's songs. On top of that, Martin's been probably the most prolific he's even been as a songwriter for this project. He's written more songs, all of a good quality, that he's done for a long time, which is why I think there's so much quality on this record, going from the beginning to the end.

Q: Do you think the translation for the new songs to a live performance will be difficult, or will it be a smooth process?

A: Certain songs are generally suited to the live situation, and some songs aren't. Traditionally, when we are in the studio, we're not really thinking of the live situation. When we finish the album, then we start to concentrate fully on the tour. We're just in the process, at the moment, of picking which songs on the new album we are going to be playing, which old songs, and what versions are we going to be doing. Sometimes the remixes, for instance, give us quite a bit of inspiration.

Q: Any sort of fights over songs, or versions of songs, that the three of you want to perform on this tour?

A: I don't think it's a battle. I think the main problem is the vast amount of songs. Picking a set of songs, out of 200...if you imagine that you are going to play six or seven new tracks, so that's probably fourteen songs from two hundred songs, that's what makes me very very difficult. And I think the first leg of the tour being stadiums, I think we have to keep an eye on making sure that the set is right for that sort of venue as well.

Q: You have shot some more studio footage. Were you surprised by the positive fan reaction for the FletchCam(tm) footage from Playing The Angel, and how do you feel having the camera in the studio affects the recording process?

A: I don't think the camera in the studio affects the process at all. Basically, what I'm trying to do is film anything that is of any sort of interest. You know, these guys like to be filmed (laughs).

Q: Did you have fun doing it?

A: I do. I don't normally see myself as a very good cameraman. I think on "Playing The Angel", I was shaking quite a bit, so I just tried to keep it a bit more steady this time.

Q: Do you enjoy being in front of the camera, or behind.

A: I don't mind. When I am doing the studio footage, it's sometimes weird because I'm doing nearly all the footage, I'm not really in (the film) that much. I don't mind that too much, but I don't mind being in front of the camera.

Q: The press conference held back in October was so big online that it initially crashed both the official DM site, and the video streaming web site. After all the years, the albums, and the tours, how fulfilling is it that the band still maintain such a high lever of hardcore fans, and what do you attribute that to?

A: To be honest, it surprises us. The live situation is even bigger than it was during the height of our chart fame. Some of these gigs we're playing in Europe...I mean, when Violator was out, we were playing small areas, and we were all over the charts. It's incredible. I think one of the reasons why so many tickets have been sold for this tour is because we put an effort to make every show a really good quality.

Q: It has to be odd to look at record sales being one number, and your live shows be such a higher number. Does that throw you at all?

A: Not really, because Depeche Mode have been going for nearly 30 years. People have been falling in love with Depeche Mode all the time over those years. People like different periods more than other periods. No, I understand that. We still sell quite a few records. It's hard to say that, with not too many records being sold, overall.

Q: In the studio, a "No On Prop 8" sign can be seen taped to one of the studio windows (this is a reference to the California proposition against gay marriage). On the sign is written the tag line "Unfair & Wrong". The first single is called "Wrong". Coincidence?

A: There is no coincidence. "Wrong" was actually written before that. An interesting thing was that in Santa Barbara, our studio was right next to the Obama headquarters. We actually nipped next door, and got some freebies, so we had badges and everything. It was quite cool.

Q: Are any of you actually registered to vote in the US?

A: We're all British citizens.

Q: Was there any sort of thought to persuade fans, or is it just that the band had an opinion, and nothing more?

A: You have to remember that Dave lives in America, and is married to an American. Martin was married to an American. I'm really into politics. We were quite aware of Obama, and the whole election was happening while we were in America. We were very pro-Obama, and we felt the excitement.

Q: Is there anything you want to say to fans reading on the web site?

A: There's a lot of information that is going to be coming out. I do understand the frustration of the fans on the web site, but as I've said before, it is an official site. One of the problems with an official web site is you only put things up when they are official.

Q: What do you see in the future for Depeche Mode, long term?

A: Well, to be honest, we always give the same answer. We've done the album, then we're going to the tour. Other than that, we're not really looking beyond that. All I can say that the feeling around the band at the moment is very very good, and bodes well for the future.

Fonte: Depeche Mode dot com

In The Studio - Web Clip #6

Depeche Mode - In The Studio - Web Clip #6

Dave e Martin a gravar vocais para "Wrong".

Novidades no Super Bock Super Rock

Nouvelle Vague

A edição do SBSR a 11 de Julho no Porto tem mais um nome, os Nouvelle Vague. Banda de covers de grandes êxitos, como Just Can't Get Enough, apresentam o seu terceiro álbum, um trabalho composto apenas por duetos. Um dos duetos será com Martin L. Gore.

Na edição de Lisboa a 18 de Julho, no estádio do Restelo, tocam os The Killers pela primeira vez em Portugal.

Informação Super Bock Super Rock

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5 opções para comprar o novo álbum

Depeche Mode

Em 2005 quando comprei Playing The Angel, na data de edição pois claro, já conhecia praticamente todas as músicas. Não consegui resistir à febre de ouvir tudo o que aparecia na Internet para download. Devo ter umas dezenas de mixes de Precious feitos por fãs antes da edição de PTA.

Assim, quando coloquei PTA no leitor de CDs a surpresa, a emoção, a expectativa não foi a mesma de álbuns anteriores. Muita da emoção de poder apreciar os novos sons perdeu-se quase por completo.

Para Sounds Of The Universe vou optar por uma nova estratégia. As opções foram surgindo na minha cabeça e resumidas a 5.

  1. Desta vez não vou fazer o download antes da data de edição, quero ser surpreendido ao ouvir o CD pela primeira vez.
  2. Vou comprar o álbum numa loja na data de edição.
  3. Por motivos sentimentais vou comprá-lo na Mute.
  4. Vou fazer o download tão depressa quando puder, e depois comprá-lo.
  5. Ainda não sei, não tenho planos.

E por fim decidi escolher a opção nº1. Eu sei, vai ser muito difícil, mas vou tentar.

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For all the right reasons


Depeche Mode

(Lado b de A Pain That I'm Used To, 2005)

É o lado b de A Pain That I'm Used To, segundo single do álbum Playing The Angel. Tipicamente uma faixa à DM que bem poderia fazer parte do alinhamento principal, substituído alguma das da segunda metade de nível inferior.
"Newborn is a slow song that transforms into a harder song during the chorus. It is a fan-favorite in terms of B-sides." In Wikipedia

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In The Studio - Web Clip #5

Depeche Mode - In The Studio - Web Clip #5

Martin, e a garrafa de água. A interpretar "In Chains"?

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Coisas da treta

Os utilizadores que usam o Internet Explorer visualizam a homepage do blog desconfigurada. Estamos a tentar resolver o problema.

Novo álbum terá edição de luxo

"Nós pensamos que este álbum tem qualidade. Gravamos muitas faixas extra que estarão numa edição de luxo."

Fletcher revela-nos que as faixas extra serão editadas num formato físico e ainda por cima de luxo.

Depeche Mode Unveils New 'Sounds'

Personally and professionally, synth-pop survivors Depeche Mode are on sturdier footing than ever as they near their 30th anniversary, as well as the April 21 release of their new album, "Sounds of the Universe."

"Sometimes you have to pinch yourself, because we've had our rough moments in the past," keyboardist Andy Fletcher tells Billboard. "It's nice to be at this stage of our careers and be making good records and getting along well."

"Universe" is led by the three-minute, hard-edged single "Wrong," which Fletcher calls an antidote to "bubble-gum pop" inappropriate "for where we are in society at this moment."

Frontman David Gahan spells primary songwriter Martin Gore on tracks like "Hole to Feed," based on a Bo Diddley beat, while Gore takes the mic on the ballad "Jezebel." Other songs include the midtempo stomper "Peace" and the rhythm-driven "Fragile Tension."

"We think this album has got quality. And we recorded a lot of extra tracks which will be on a deluxe version," Fletcher says of the follow-up to 2005's "Playing the Angel," the band's first album since extending its longterm deal with EMI to include North America.

Depeche Mode begins an international stadium tour May 10 in Tel Aviv; North American dates are taking shape for August and September.

"In some ways, what's bizarre is that we're actually playing to more people now than even at the height of our chart success with 'Violator,'" Fletcher says. "I think it's down to different generations listening to Depeche Mode. We've been going for nearly 30 years, and it has just grown and grown and grown."

Fonte: Billboard

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Sounds Of The Universe

E depois de Playing The Angel segue-se Sounds Of The Universe o 12º álbum a editar em 21 de Abril. O nome foi revelado na press release no sítio oficial da banda.

”will be just as relevant to fans as Violator”

Durante a última sessão de gravação em Santa Bárbara, o Martin trocou umas impressões sobre o novo álbum com a revista blender, que a publicou-a agora no seu site. E como refere o título o Martin diz que o próximo álbum será para os fãs tão relevante como o violator. Promete.

In the Studio: Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode splurge on new toys to secure a spot on your sexy-time mix tape.

For nearly 30 years, Depeche Mode’s dark synth pop has blurred the line between passion and perversion. Who hasn’t gotten his freak on to “Master and Servant” or “I Feel You”? Even tween queen Hilary Duff recently bit the monster hook in DM’s “Personal Jesus” to declare her graduation into womanhood on “Reach Out.”

“I gave permission,” says DM’s main songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Martin Gore. “It was pretty harmless.” But how will he, singer Dave Gahan and keyboardist Andrew Fletcher supply a new generation with sample-ready hookup hits? By sticking to what they know. “We fear change,” Gore says while insisting that their 12th studio record ”will be just as relevant to fans as Violator,” the multi-platinum 1990 album that sparked a sellout stadium tour.

“The overall album fits in with the line of the last few records—it’s kind of an amalgamation,” Gore says, attributing the mishmash in part to decades’ worth of toys the Mode men have at their disposal. “I did the demos on a laptop. It’s really quick and frees you up so you don’t have to run around plugging things in.” He had 18 songs (Gahan penned four) by the time they got to the studio, where he tapped into his own and producer Ben Hillier’s analog-synth collections. And Gore reckons he has bought “virtually every drum machine ever built” for use on the new album, which features everything from live and sampled drum sounds to booming 808 bass.

Gore played some guitar, too, and he and Gahan spent lots of time on reverb-coated vocal harmonies. Lyricswise, “there wasn’t a specific theme, but there is a spiritual aura to them—I tend to say that a lot when we put records out, but it’s more so this time,” he admits. “We’re still writing the same song with a different twist to it each time, hoping no one will notice.”

Producer Ben Hillier
Studio Santa Barbara Sound Design
Last album Playing the Angel
This album TBA

Fonte: Blender

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Peter Rauhofer remixa “Wrong”

Depois de "It's No Good", "I Feel Loved" e "Suffer Well" Peter Rauhofer vai fazer a quarta remistura para os nossos DM. Desta vez "Wrong", o primeiro single do novo álbum que deve iniciar a promoção já em Fevereiro. Ainda falta tanto...

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In The Studio - Web Clip #4

Depeche Mode - In The Studio - Web Clip #4

Depois de três clips sem muito interesse, o número 4 coloca o interesse no novo álbum no topo (se é qua ainda não estava).  No clip o Fletch mostra-nos o dave a testar um novo micro e pudemos ainda ouvir uns sons de fragile tension. Diga-se que a voz do Dave parece não se enquadrar muito na música, mas ainda é muito cedo para julgar.

Hello World!

Bem vindos ao demo101. Esta página nasceu com o objectivo de dar a conhecer os Depeche Mode à comunidade portuguesa, dando algumas notícias, rumores e coisas sem o mínimo interesse.

O meu nome é Rui Raposo, e segue-se o Web Clip #4.



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