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Detalhes e novo video promocional de SOTU

Sounds Of The Universe - Box

"Sounds Of The Universe" estará disponível nas lojas na próxima segunda feira. Um novo vídeo surge com o objectivo de promover a Box e mostra-nos algo de interessante. As três musicas escolhidas para o vídeo são "Wrong", "Peace" e "Perfect".

Serão os três singles do novo álbum?

Será que, ao contrário das últimas edições, apenas vão ser extraidos 3 singles de SOTU?

Lá para o final do ano saberemos.

Box: detalhes

Well, here we have it, Sounds Of The Universe the album is announced, the tour is slowly taking shape and the full details of the deluxe edition that is being put together is available and now you can pre-order it from depechemode.com

During the recording sessions, Mute had in mind to produce to deluxe box set of the album, this was put to the band and they agreed it would be a great thing to do, but, not just a fancy packaged box with a few photos and several different versions of the same music, Martin, Dave and Andy all agreed that this had to be something special and they had to curate it themselves, it had to contain as much as possible from the recording sessions of this album, they wanted to put all the songs they recorded from this session in the box, some of the demos, play a few live, and have a good measure of the most interesting remixes, not the ones that go to the clubs to dance around your hat to, ones that bring something new and interesting to the songs, ones that they themselves would sit at home and listen to if they were remixes of their favourite bands songs. Add to that a couple of 84 page hardback books that are entirely different in style to each other, some "i'm a SOTU box owner" items, 3 in depth films and 14 demos from Martin and Dave's personal archive including some classic tracks personally chosen by Depeche for inclusion in this box set.

This here, is the resulting list of content for the box, the band hope you like it and look forward to seeing you at the live shows.
CD1: Sounds Of The Universe [the new 13 track album]
CD2: 5 new songs from the SOTU sessions and 6 new remixes from the SOTU album tracks
CD3: 14 demos from Martin & Dave, not only demos from the new album but also LITTLE 15, CLEAN, SWEETEST PERFECTION, JUDAS, WALKING IN MY SHOES [did you think this was as unlikely as we did?]
Three films
1. Making The Universe / Film.
2. A new Roland Brown documentary "Usual thing, try and get the question in the answer", for which he not only recorded new footage, but has been trawling the archives again.
3. A Short film.
PLUS SOTU in 5.1, and the 5 additional new songs from the SOTU sessions in 5.1 (Dolby & DTS)
PLUS 4 songs filmed live in the studio [including, Stories Of Old]
PLUS the Patrick Daughters directed promotional video for Wrong

These are then put in a fancy custom made and foil blocked box, with the 2 hardback books, one by Anton Corbijn [Words & Images Of The Universe], in large format with all of the lyrics from the SOTU sessions and another by Daniel Miller, Ben Hillier, Luke Smith and Ferg Peterkin, [Making The Universe / Book] taken throughout the recording sessions, candid and personal. There's a poster and 2 enamel badges, (these are your own personal "i'm a deluxe box owner" items to display with pride) and a numbered certificate of authenticity. The final item is a selection of art cards, 5 of 14 designs are included in the box, not everyone will like all 14, so exchange with fellow box owners to collect your favourite 5.

Box: video promocional

Box: imagens da preparação

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